The App

  • We have delivered a state of the art app for your convenience, and we have covered all the major platforms and responsive to all types of devices. We have a feature packed app that helps in finding directions to events, integration with your calendar, and being notified when an event is about to happen. The app is 100% free, no strings attached.

App Feature List

Devices & Platforms
  • Our app supports Android version 4.4+, iOS 8.0, and Windows Universal Platform. We are also working towards making it compatible with any browser.
    • Device Types
      • iPads
      • iPhones
      • Android Tablets
      • Android Phones
      • Devices with Windows 10 (UWP)
Home Masjid
  • Once you set a Masjid as your 'Home Masjid,' all the events, announcements, and prayer times will be a glance and at your fingertips. The home screen also offers quick and easy access to your home Masjids phone number, directions, and other services.
  • You can view all the active events either by individual Masjids, or you can see all the events happening around you with a distance calculator to show you how far you are. The app provides all the relevant information that you would like to know about an event and below is a list of some of that information.
    • Event Features
      • Start and end time of each event.
      • If that event needs volunteers and how to get in touch with the coordinators.
      • If that event is for our brothers or our sisters only or maybe for all.
      • Sometimes, events are for specific age groups or age ranges and all other events can be all ages or specific ranges.
      • All events allow Masjids to specify if child care services are available.
      • Sometimes, an event requires guests to register, and the app provides registration links if that is the case.
Send Feedback
  • Sending questions, concerns, or suggestions to any Masjid has never been made easier. The app provides an easy way to send feedback and asking questions to the Masjid without having to talk to anyone or waiting on the phone with a busy signal.
  • The app has deep integration with the mapping software on your phone. With a tap of your finger or click of a mouse, you can see directions to an event or a Masjid
Add Events To Calendar
  • Sometimes, you would like to have a calendar that organizes your busy schedule; we have integrated the app with the local calendar on your device. With a simple click/tap, you can add any event to your calendar, so you never miss another event again.
Device Notifications
  • Get notified about an event that you are really interested in attending. Once you add any event to the local notification, you will be reminded of the event so that you won't miss it.
Prayer Times
  • Ever wonder if you will make it to the next Jama'at prayer in the Masjid but do not know what time it starts? The app got you covered, as it displays all prayer times, including up to two Juma'a prayers. Athan time and Prayer times are shown, so you never miss another prayer again InshaAllah.
  • How many times have you heard an announcement after a prayer or Juma'a prayer and thought to yourself “I should remember that” but never do? The app shows all announcements of all the Masjids, so you never have to remember or forget another announcement again.
Masjid Details
  • Having access to all the details about any masjid has never been easier. Once you select a Masjid within the app, all the details are shown such as:
    • Social media accounts
    • Phone number
    • Website
    • Address
    • All events
    • All announcements
    • Language of the Juma'a service
    • Sister's prayer accommodations
    • What services the Masjid provides
    • What amenities are available
    • What prayers are the Masjid open for

The Platform

  • At the heart of Masjid Event's system is the platform which allows masjids to manage events, announcements, prayer times, details about their Masjid, and much more. The best part about all this? It is 100% completely free, no restrictions of any sort. What we ask in return? That you use the system to be your event's platform of choice.

Platform Feature List

  • The dashboard provides an easy and quick way to do things that matter. You can see all the events, announcements times, statistics, and today's prayer times at a quick glance
  • A Masjid can enter, edit an unlimited number of events anytime, anywhere, and those events will be instantly visible to the app users.
    • Event Types
      • Events that occur only once.
      • Events that occur daily for a given period of time.
      • Events that occur weekly for a given period of time.
      • Events that occur monthly for a given period of time.
      • Customize days of the week an event occurs for a given period of time.
    • Event Features
      • An event can be set as free, door price, and early bird price.
      • An event can be for any age, specific age group, or a specific age range.
      • Can be set as requiring registration and allows entry of registration URL.
      • Can be configured to notify the public about volunteering opportunities for the event.
      • Allows settings to specify if the masjid provides child care for the event and if there are any costs for the child care service.
      • Each event can be set as all genders; brothers only or sisters only events.
      • A description field is also provided to enter the description or any other info.
  • The platform provides comprehensive capabilities for adding, editing, and announcements.
Daily Prayer Times
  • An easy to use calendar is provided for manually entering prayer times, or you can use our import prayer time’s feature. We provide a Microsoft Excel and a CSV template that Masjids can fill out for all year round prayer times and, using the import feature, all the prayer times can be imported instantly.
Juma'a Prayer Times
  • Your Masjid may have one or two different Juma'a times. In either case, we got you covered. Our platform allows for up to two different Juma'a times by specifying when the lecture and prayer times are for each.
User Feedback & Questions
  • The app allows users to send feedback and questions to the Masjid of their choice and the platform provides functionality to be able to keep track of all feedback and questions that are sent.
Advanced Statistics
  • The platform contains a broad set of statistical categories to help you identify how users are interacting with your events, masjid's data, and so on. The platform also has a comparative analysis of statistics for periods of 7, 14, and 30 days.
Masjid Data
  • The platform contains a comprehensive set of settings that can be set for a masjid, including what services/amenities are offered and amenities that are nearby.
    • Services Offered Categories
      • Counseling Services
      • Social Services
      • Social Events
      • Educational/Spiritual Services
      • Political Services
      • Women’s Programming
      • Funeral Services
      • Other
      Amenities List
      • Mass transit nearby
      • Wheelchair accessible
      • Parking available
      • Free WI-FI available
      • Child-friendly premises
      • Bookstore on premises
      • Kitchen on premises
      • Pay WI-FI available
      • Food service available
      • Hall Rental
      Other Settings
      • Name of the Masjid
      • What currency the events prices are in
      • Address of the Masjid
      • Phone Number users can call to reach the Masjid
      • Website of the Masjid
      • Facebook page of the Masjid if there is one
      • Instagram page of the Masjid if there is one
      • Twitter page of the Masjid if there is one
      • Ethnicity of the congregation if the Masjid chooses to identify
      • Language of the services such Juma'a and other lectures.
      • Identify which prayers the Masjid is open for
      • Details about accommodations for our sisters.
      • If there are restrooms available.
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